Free Time Activities

St. Petersburg is the ideal place both to admire treasures of classical art, music and architecture and to enjoy exciting nightlife entertainment.


We offer a choice of excursions to give you an insight into different aspects of cultural life of the city, such as:

  • Temples & churches of various religions and traditions;
  • Myth and legends of St. Petersburg;
  • Peter the Great: the Hero or the Beast;

Extra Activities

  • Swimming pool;

  • Fitness club;

  • Bowling;

  • Ice skating;

  • Sauna and banya (Russian steam bath);

  • Parachuting;

  • Picnics with shashlik, beach volley-ball, swimming and lots of fun

Cultural Life

St. Petersburg is famous for its rich cultural life. You can visit:

  • theatres

  • museums

  • concert halls

  • jazz clubs

  • folk shows

  • exhibitions

And enjoy opera and ballet, music and art!


Our staff can fully inform you on various aspects of nightlife.

You will never feel short of entertainment!

While at our school you will meet Russian students who are open, friendly and eager to tell you more about life in the new Russia, to speak Russian in natural settings, to show you the city and to just have fun together. You can enjoy parties, boat trips, nightlife, excursions, picnics, cultural activities and a variety of other events organized by the school. Among them, of course, would be a visit to the banya - the traditional Russian steam bath, a way to relax practiced by Russians for centuries.

Our cultural department will provide you with tickets to theaters, concerts and shows, and can help organize trips to Moscow, Novgorod, or anywhere in Russia that a student might like to visit, even Siberia!